i am so glad this exists

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Amazing Fire Dragon Roll~ ♡ Their food was awesome! (at Tokyo Grill)

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Sungjae’s cat, Yook Siraeng.

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Not even one week into their debut and the kids are already driving the leader crazy..
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Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted. —Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture (p. 148)
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But can we talk about how exo’s wolf drama version was a fucking literal prophecy?

Kris leaving


Luhan getting sick,

And this,


And y’all thought wolf was stupid. 

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you got it right, ilhoon.
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"I will be gentle. Because I want to savor you.”

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We, A+, don’t know exactly what’s happening to you guys right now and why G.O cried a lot during “Key”. But we won’t stop supporting you, not even in moments like these with disbanding rumors. Until the end. #aplussupportmblaq

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what is sick about the first 6 gifs is that the scene was totally unscripted and those are the real emotions that Will Smith had because he never had a father growing up himself and wow goddamn go Will

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Wu Yifan, the adorable mafia boss, sipping on his drink

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